About Us

At Tapestry Girls, we understand that every Mandala Tapestry is designed to create good vibes & positive energy. Some are lightweight, some are heavier, but all can help relieve tension & anxiety, and can also stimulate creative thinking.

Tapestry Girls is headquartered in Jackson, Michigan and is a major advocate of human rights and non profit organizations.

For every tapestry purchased, Tapestry Girls donates a portion of its annual profits to various charities that include sex trafficking prevention, domestic abuse prevention and hotlines, animal cruelty prevention and shelters, and breast cancer research. Not only does Tapestry Girls give women vocational opportunities, life-skills training, physical, emotional, and spiritual development, but it saves them from scary cycles of abuse, too.

Considering the scale of some of these issues, Tapestry Girls efforts are making huge differences in the lives of women, children and animals. 

Thanks for shopping at Tapestry Girls, where every purchase counts!

Love your life. Love your tapestry. ❤️