3 Ways To Use A Tapestry In Your Bedroom

by Jenny Lallier

If you’ve been on Instagram during move-in season, you are aware of the newest trend in dorm décor: tapestries! These pieces of artwork have quickly taken over many of the bedrooms and common rooms of collegiettes everywhere. Here are a few ways that they can be used in your space:

1. Put it as a throw at the end of your bed to spice up your dorm. It adds color and style to any comforter.

2. Take it as a picnic blanket! Everyone knows Landis is the place to be, so use your tapestry next time you do homework or lay out. Everyone, including their pups, will be jealous.

3. The easiest way to take your room from drab to fab is to pin it against the wall for a complete makeover.

We hope you enjoy your tapestry from Tapestry Girls!