Cheap Tapestries For College Dorms

by Jenny Leigh

Looking for a cheap wall hanging tapestry for college? You have found the perfect store! Tapestry Girls runs 50% off discounts for mandala wall tapestries almost year round, making tapestries and other mandala decor designs affordable for college students year round.

It's no secret that dressing up a dorm room can be a challenge, especially if you're busy registering for classes and trying to navigate the new campus you moved halfway around the country for. The dorm rooms aren't very large and a lot of students are on a budget. That's why Tapestry Girls distributes top quality, affordable handmade tapestries for everyone.

Tapestry Girls is a global supplier of both mandala and bohemian tapestries and is based in Detroit, Michigan. A quick Google search will show you that there isn't many places that you can trust to purchase a tapestry that's right for you. That's not the case with Tapestry Girls. Tapestry Girls is located in Michigan and has wide variety of tapestries with a money back guarantee! There is not a single other company out there that offers that. Not only do we offer a variety of tapestries, but we offer bedding, pillows and other lighting decor.
Happy Tapestry Hunting and enjoy your semester! 📚