4 Amazing Cottagecore Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

by Jenny Lallier

If you’ve been searching high and low for Cottagecore room ideas, we’re glad you have found us! But, what is Cottagecore room aesthetics? Cottagecore is a fashion aesthetic that promotes the idea of living a simple rural lifestyle. This includes countryside living décor themes, the use of floral patterns and folkloric inspiration. This specific aesthetic does not incorporate technology driven décor pieces or bright, eccentric colors. At Tapestry Girls, we specialize in driving room aesthetic décor to match any aesthetic you are seeking out. And we have a large Cottagecore room collection to help you along your shopping journey. Below is four Cottagecore aesthetic room ideas that we love, and that can help you design your dream room!

Cottagecore Aesthetic Room Ideas

String Lights

Strings lights can really have an effect on any bedroom. One of our favorite Cottagecore string light sets is the Mushroom String Lights. Strings lights help give a warm glow to a room and also can help with mood setting and light ambient energy instead of a floor lamp. Because string lights come in various shapes and sizes, string lights also can give style and flare to your own personal space.

Wall Vines

Wall vines are key décor piece for Cottagecore room aesthetics. The color and shape give a Cottagecore room the feeling of being one with nature and part of the world. The wonderful thing about wall vines is that they can be hung in any fashion, and in any space which can enhance the overall appearance of the room. Tapestry Girls wall vines are some of the most popular available. You can check them out here


We wouldn’t be called Tapestry Girls if we weren’t the leading tapestry company in the world! Tapestry Girls has thousands of unique Cottagecore tapestries ranging from mushroom tapestries, floral tapestries to vintage tapestries. One tapestry we love for Cottagecore room aesthetics is the Pink Sugar Flowers Tapestry. If the flower style tapestries aren’t for you, check out the Cottagecore room aesthetic tab on the home page for more suggestions. There is no doubt that you will find the specific Cottagecore room aesthetic tapestry that you are looking for.


Sticker packs are a unique way to décor your space. The reason we love them is because you can customize any space you want, in any way that you want through the use of stickers. They can be stuck to walls, shelfs, doors and other accessories to complete a room’s look and feel. If you’re searching for Cottagecore stickers, you should try the Wildflower Sticker Pack.

Final Thoughts – Cottagecore Aesthetic Rooms  

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Cottagecore aesthetic room ideas available, which ones will you choose for your space? If you are looking for even more ideas, or to see some of these items in use, check out Cottagecore Room Tours on TikTok. The account is sponsored by Tapestry Girls. Do you have a specific way you like to decorate your Cottagecore aesthetic, or have a room you want featured? Feel free to email us!