5 Danish Pastel Aesthetic Decor Ideas We Love

by Jenny Lallier

If you’ve been considering a room makeover, and want to try Danish Pastel, look no further! But, before we get started, what is Danish Pastel aesthetic? Danish Pastel aesthetic is a décor theme that utilizes pastel colored furniture and accessories that are usually pastel colored purple, green, yellow and pink in mostly white walled rooms. Those colors, combined with Scandinavian designed furniture brings the Danish Pastel look to life. And, yes, we agree that the rooms are totally awesome! That being said, Tapestry Girls is here to help you get started on your Danish Pastel aesthetic bedroom journey. Read on for awesome Danish Pastel bedroom ideas!

Danish Pastel Aesthetic Room Ideas


There’s no question how important bedding is in any space. It’s often the centerpiece of a room, and can be used to establish the color or theme of the room. We love our pom pom bed sets for any pastel aesthetic, but one of our top choices is the Softy Pom Pom Green Bed Set.


Mirrors are a great décor idea for your pastel room because you can also utilize mirrors that are of unique shapes and sizes. One of our favorite pastel mirrors is the Pink Heart Shaped Mirror. We love the shape, size and pink pastel color that can help give a room it’s style. Some other colors we suggest for pastel aesthetics are purple, yellow and white.

Folding Crates

Folding crates can be a super cool décor idea to add to your space, and also be utilized for other aesthetic décor or simply for organization. For a Danish Pastel room aesthetic, we highly recommend our Pastel Folding Crates.


Pastel posters are one accessory décor piece that any aesthetic bedroom should have, and especially for those looking for pastel room ideas. Posters can help design any rooms look, while also making the space easy to customize. If you want to utilize pastel posters in your room, try using our Howdy Poster to get started.


If you’re looking for pastel-colored tapestries, you’ve come to the right store. Tapestry Girls boasts thousands of different pastel style tapestries ranging from cloud tapestries, sunset tapestries or pastel-colored tapestries. One tapestry we love for pastel room aesthetics is The Pastel Cloud Tapestry. If the cloud style tapestries aren’t for you, just shop any pastel style you want from the pastel room aesthetic tab. You will certainly find the pastel room aesthetic tapestry that you are looking for.

Final Thoughts – Danish Pastel Aesthetic Rooms  

These are some of the best Danish Pastel bedroom ideas and Danish Pastel aesthetic room products. We have received tons of feedback from thousands of our customers, and researched tons of inspiring pastel rooms that use these ideas. To see some of these products in unique ways, check out Pastel Room Tours on TikTok, which is sponsored by Tapestry Girls.

Do you have a specific way you like to decorate your pastel aesthetic, or have a room you want featured? Feel free to email us!