Cute Tapestries To Decorate Your Dorm Room

by Jenny Lallier

I love tapestries. When I first came to college, finding that perfect tapestry was so important to me to help tie my room together. Now that classes have started and everyone is settling in, it’s time to focus on what really matters, whether your tapestry really represents you AND looks cute with your fairy lights. 

I started thinking about this recently when my roommates and I, having finally settled into classes and our routines, decided to decorate our living room together. We’ve been trying to find the perfect tapestry that is funny, colorful and preferably includes our favorite meme/TV show. So here is our journey and, hopefully, you find a tapestry that really screams to be placed under your fairy lights. 

I personally have been scoping out the perfect line art tapestry for my room. I fell in love with this one:

White Floral Tapestry

The simplicity and the feminity in this tapestry make it a gorgeous addition to any room, but the facial expression and body language make me want to take on the world and put on red lipstick. 

I also really love tarot cards, and as a bonus, tarot cards go great with literally any color of fairy light, even the purple ones. I absolutely love this one from Urban Outfitters:

Indian Yellow Tapestry

I prefer these cute tapestries for my room because they go with my aesthetic as well as my inflatable gold glitter chair and the matching ottoman from Urban Outfitters. 

Of course, if you want to keep it simple, cute and local, I will gladly argue for some trippy team spirit:

The Homecoming Tapestry

My living room deserves a more comedic approach. So, here are some that my roommates and I really love for our kitchen/living room area:

Midnight Moon Tapestry

All of these tapestries are great for their individual purposes and I think with some fairy lights, they will work perfectly to fill any space in your dorm or apartment. However, there is one tapestry that I love the best. Maybe if I write about it here, my roommates will pick it for our living room. So, Mar, Rachel and Addy, here is my vote:

Wave Maker Tapestry

I hope you found your dream tapestry, or at the least chuckled at a few of them. Just remember whatever tapestry you pick, it will be a reflection of you so it will be perfect.

As always,