7 Tapestry Looks from Tapestry Girls

by Jenny Lallier

It's here. The time to plan your move to college. You have every item checked off your list but you want to top-off your dorm or apartment with the right tapestry. 

At Tapestry Girls, you can get a statement tapestry that will look great on a wall, and be the standout piece in your room. Once you hang your statement tapestry, we suggest taking it easy with the remaining decor, and go with neutral bedding. Here are a few images below of Tapestry Girls used in college dorms and apartments:

          1. Black & White:

          2. Purple Mandala:

          3. Black & Gold:

               4. Red Mandala:

          5. Rock & Roll:

                6. Hanging Pictures:

              7. Hand of Fatima:

We hope you LOVE all of our tapestries as each is handmade by professionals. If you don't see the size of the tapestry you are looking for please email us at tapestrygirls@gmail.com and we will let you know if we have it in stock. And remember... love your life. Love your tapestry.