Tapestry Girls Reviews: A Fabulous Boho Bedroom in 3 Steps

by Jenny Lallier

Are you feeling tired of your current aesthetic? Do you need to redecorate? Sometimes, a little spruce up is just what the doctor ordered to motivate and inspire! That being said, we know how hard it can be to one – choose a direction – and two – make the decision to go for it! Welcome to this Tapestry Girls Reviews post!

We’re here for you though! Our lovely design team at Tapestry Girls has put together the perfect boho bedroom checklist to either get you started or take your current design to the next level!


  1. It’s All About the Bedding

Forget that your bedding is typically the focal point of your bedroom and consider that we spend almost a third of our lives in our beds. By that math, it better be comfortable! The Softy Tan Bed Set is the bedding set to get you through a great night’s sleep, in style.

Pair this luxury duvet set with the matching pom-pom lined bed skirt and you have a look fit for a comfy, boho queen! Complete the look with quilted pom-pom pillows or our signature Softy pillows for increased support and fun accents. *PRO TIP: Mix up the colors for an extra funky, fluffy aesthetic*


  1. Don’t Forget to Lighten the Mood

What side of Tiktok are you on? Chances are you’re with the flower light trend. They’re truly the key to setting the tone in any room! On top of building your own fairy paradise, these LED Wall Vine Lights make for a great selfie backdrop.

Maybe vine lights aren’t your thing and that’s totally okay – we’re prepared! Vibe up your space with a Neon Lightning Bolt or any one of our neon lights! From cacti to a sexy silhouette, you can feel great about these hazard-free, battery or USB powered LED lamps.


  1. Top Her Off with the Perfect Tapestry 

Whether you’re into traditional bohemian tapestries or a wide range of lifestyle tapestries, a tapestry fit for you will be the polishing touch to your boho bedroom. Tapestry Girls stays stocked with a beautiful collection of mandala tapestries like this ever lovely Pink and Green Tapestry.

If transportation is more your scene, transport yourself to the ideal place or to the ideal mood with any one of our fun lifestyle tapestries. From a field of flowers (Watercolor Sunflower Tapestry) to a motivational reminder (You Are Tapestry), you can trust that our tapestries are always 100% cotton and created with you with you in mind. We love working with local artists and designers to bring you unique and beautiful wall hangings.

While these three steps will get you going on your perfect bedroom, the possibilities are truly endless with the range of products brought to you by Tapestry Girls. Always aiming for inclusivity and representation, we offer posters, tapestries, and light designs for just about anyone. Check out a comprehensive list of our products here and see what you can find for yourself or for someone else!