The Top Dorm Décor Ideas According to Etsy

by Jenny Lallier

Shopping for your dorm room—and coming up with creative dorm décor ideas—just got a lot easier, thanks to Etsy’s Trend Guide and these trending dorm décor finds.

Etsy may already be your go-to marketplace for buying one-of-a-kind gifts (like these Joanna Gaines–approved mini succulents!) and creative wall art at affordable prices, but did you know it’s also a great spot for finding (and fulfilling) dorm décor ideas that will help you dress up your dorm room without spending a fortune?

To make the dorm decorating process easier (and help you find the best dorm décor ideas for you and your roommate), Etsy published a Trend Guide all about dorm décor. The Trend Guide looks at what sellers are creating, what shoppers are loving, and what’s trending out in the shopping world beyond Etsy to make trend predictions for the year ahead.

These predictions are based (in part) on top searches on, and these dorm décor ideas will help you make your dorm the coolest room on the hall with a few simple additions to your dorm room essentials shopping list.

Dorm Décor Idea #1: Monstera-Inspired Everything

Succulents have had their 15 minutes of fame, and now monsteras—large-leafed plants—are gaining in popularity. Etsy noticed a 147 percent increase in monstera searches on the site in the last year, and shoppers are looking at everything from the plants themselves to prints, monstera-patterned wallpapers, and on-theme pillows. (Great news for so-called black thumbs.)

Dorm Décor Idea #2: Astronomical Wall Art

Etsy has had a 252 percent increase in searches for items related to celestial wall hangings, with shoppers snapping up everything from banners to posters to simple hangings.

Dorm Décor Idea #3: Girl Power Accents

Searches for “future is female,” “girl power,” and other feminist and body-positive phrases are up on Etsy, which has more than 7,000 décor options (think throw pillows, cross stitch patterns, prints, and more) displaying these phrases loud and proud.

Dorm Décor Idea #4: Hanging Wall Organizers

A.K.A. pegboards, hanging wall organizers are having a bit of a moment. We’re not surprised, considering they’re incredibly practical and customizable (and pretty cute, to boot); Etsy has seen a 60 percent spike in searches related to pegboards this season, as compared to searches before the last school year.

Dorm Décor Idea #5: Pretty Headboards

The typical dorm room headboard, if you’re lucky enough to have one at all, isn’t exactly pretty, but Tapestry Girls is making it easy to fake a headboard, either with removable decals and stickers or wall-mounted, linen-covered alternatives.

To learn more about these trending dorm décor ideas, check out Etsy’s full trend guide on