Tapestry Girls Styles: How To Decorate Your Room Based On Your Aesthetic

by Jenny Lallier

I love the feeling of moving into a new apartment or dorm and having a brand new room to decorate.

Particularly this year with coronavirus, most people have been spending a lot more time in their rooms. So, I think it’s important to have a space that you enjoy being in. A room should express your personality.

The decoration decision-making process is always a difficult one — especially if you’re trying to create a certain vibe in your room. So, here are different ideas to match your living space to your aesthetic.


This theme is the perfect choice for someone who loves a natural look and the great outdoors.

Splashes of green, gray and brown are perfect colors to compliment this aesthetic.

This room will have to have a decent amount of plants in it — of course — so stock up on succulents to scatter around the room. Fake ivy would also be a fun touch to hang on the walls.

Paintings of flowers, mountains or anything that reminds you of hiking or the sunshine would be great ways to add fun decorations.


An indie room leaves a lot of creative decisions to the decorator, so this theme is a great option for anyone who loves to be creative.

Fill the walls with as many colorful pictures and posters as possible. Having a disposable or polaroid picture wall would be a great way to incorporate good memories and add touches of personality to the room’s decor. These are also great conversation starters and perfect for reminiscing after a long day.

You can also thrift around and find cool vinyls to put the album covers on your wall.

To tie it all together, of course, you’ll need to line the room with some LED lights and frequently change the color to match your mood.


For those of us who may like their living space to be simple, a neutral room is the way to go.

Tan, beige, gray and brown will help fill up this room without chaos, so it would be easy to focus on homework or work with this theme.

Decorations are where the room will become your own.

Big, framed artwork can still be fun if it’s simple. Put up quotes that will motivate you to get out of bed. Framed family photos would be a sentimental way to make you smile, but choosing consistent frames will keep the look organized.


A boho-themed room is a classic. It will create a fun space to do homework, hang out with friends or fall asleep.

The staple to this room will be tapestries. Hang them all over the walls and ceiling to make the place a little bit cozier.

For wall decor, anything with stars, the sun or the moon would compliment the vibe nicely.

Lights are essential to complete the look of this room. Whether they be colorful or classic white, hang them across the room and you will never want to leave.


For a peaceful and quiet space, cottagecore is another natural aesthetic for your room.

While designing this room, you need to feel like you’re dancing barefoot in a field, so try to get the decorations as close to that feeling as possible. Stringing fairy lights above your bed will help.

Light, pastel colors like baby blue or soft pink will be the backbone of the theme, and you will have the romantic room of your dreams. 

Whatever you choose, be sure to have fun and shop Tapestry Girls for all your decor needs!