Tapestry Sizing 101 - Choosing the Perfect Size Tapestry for Your Dorm or Bedroom

by Jenny Lallier

Before diving into the nuts and bolts of what size tapestry to buy, let’s take a brief moment to appreciate why this is such a popular question in the first place. Overall, tapestries are such authentic and affordable ways you can add a splash of art and color into your life. There are endless creative designs out there to choose from, and each is aimed to encourage both tranquil and reflective moments, all while simultaneously adding charming qualities to any living space. Furthermore, being as globally inspirational as they are, these artistic pieces have withstood the tests of time and motivated the rise of spearheading brands like Tapestry Girls that deliver top quality tapestry designs proven to enhance life quality.

With that being said, understanding what size tapestry for room use to choose from is a large part of how your tapestry will display in your living space. Too large can be overbearing, and too small could dull the statement-making appeal. To offer you some support, below is an overview of what size tapestry to buy so you can have a wonderful experience, regardless of where you choose to hang it up.


Tapestry Sizing Basics

Believe it or not, there is a general rule of thumb regarding what size tapestry for room use to get. For starters, no matter if you live in an apartment or a dorm room, you have to think about tapestry buying the same as wall murals, not paintings. This is because paintings absorb and reflect light differently than murals and tapestries. In addition, this also indicates that paintings look better with more space around them, which is the opposite of tapestries. Tapestries look better when filling up as much space as possible on a wall. In a nutshell, the larger your wall, the larger your tapestry should be.

Example: If you have a 12-foot-wide and 8-foot-high wall space, a 5-foot tapestry would be too small. The right size to choose in this scenario would be an 11.5-foot-wide and 6 or 7-foot-high tapestry.


Extra Sizing Tips for Living Space Use

  • If hanging a tapestry above a sofa or bed, it should drop slightly behind it (about 1 to 4 inches). You want it to blend in with the room, not look like it is floating.
  • If hanging with no furniture in front of it, the tapestry should be placed a few inches above the surface.
  • Applying a large tapestry on a smaller wall can make your space look crampy. It is important to measure and find a tapestry that matches your wall's size for the best wow-factor results.


 Final Thoughts - Sizing Down, Quality Next  

Tapestries have been a popular home décor resource that has been loved by artists for centuries. They can be found woven in ancient Egypt, Medieval Europeans, and several other traces. Fast forward to today, now you can become part of that tapestry history and have one (or more) in your own living space. Now that you have a better idea of what size tapestry to buy and how to implement it in your own space, the next step is to discover a trusted company that can deliver the top-quality designs you deserve.

However, there is a catch.  

Never forget that though there are countless brands and styles you can choose, not all tapestry quality is created equal. If you want durable, luxury designs, then leverage brands like Tapestry Girls. This business was built on a foundation of passion, integrity, and transparency and offers a certificate of authenticity with every tapestry sold. In the end, if you want the best tapestry to advance your home and life as a whole, then make sure you solidify your confidence by going with a business that delivers it.