The Top 5 Best Witchy Boho Room Ideas

by Jenny Lallier

Maybe you’ve spotted the witchy trend taking over TikTok? If not, we certainly have! Tapestry Girls features tons of room décor and bedding, but has now offered witchy room décor. Before we get into the top 5 witchy boho room ideas, let’s take a brief moment to appreciate why this is such a popular question in the first place. Overall, witchy room décor has been tending for quite some time.

We all have a little magic within us that is begging to come out and play, and there's just something about witchy decor that makes the mysterious aesthetic style feel more powerful than ever. Before you break out the broomsticks and press play on that old Hocus Pocus VHS tape, check out the best witchy home décor below. Now is the perfect time to tap into your witchy side and create the witchy room of your dreams!

Witchy Room Décor Ideas 


Fortunately for your search, Tapestry Girls specializes in tapestries. We have tons of different witchy tapestry styles ranging from medieval and tarot to moon and sun tapestries. One of our personal favorites is the Tarot Moon Tapestry. If the tarot style isn’t for you, just shop any style you want from the home page. You will be sure to find the spooky style you are looking for.

Spell Jars

No witchy room can be complete without spell jars. Of all the oddities and accessories, spell jars can often act as a centerpiece in a room. Besides, what good is a witch that can’t cast spells, or concoct their own magic potions? Spell jars of any size can be used in a number of ways. Our best suggestion to get a variety pack of spell jars like these.

Neon Lights

Neon lights can really change the overall aesthetic of a room. One of our favorite witchy neon signs is the Neon Cat. Neon signs can also be used as a centerpiece or to simply accessorize your witchy aesthetic. Some of the best neon colors for witchy room styles are green, blue, purple, orange or yellow.

Healing Stones

Healing stones are an essential witchy room item. Synonymous with spell jars, it is just important for any witch to possess to healing stones. There’s something magical about healing stones emerging from the Earth and its natural resources. These stones are ancient and not bound to society, making them part of a rare energy for any space. If you’re looking for good vibes, and maybe even little luck, you could always add a Chakra Money Tree. 


Plants are one of the accessory décor pieces that any room can have, and especially for those looking for witchy room ideas. Plants help any room look and feel powerful and magical. The natural energy of the Earth and spirit of growth from each plant brings good energy and harmony to any room. If you want to add unique lighting to your plants, give our LED Wall Vine Lights a shot.

Final Thoughts – Witchy Boho Rooms 

So there it is! These are the top five best witchy boho room ideas and suggestions. This is how we love to show off the witchy aesthetic, and have seen tons of awesome rooms that use these ideas. To see some of these items in use, check out Witchy Room Tours on TikTok, which is sponsored by Tapestry Girls.

Do you have a specific way you like to decorate your witch aesthetic, or have a room you want featured? Feel free to email us!