What Is A Mandala Tapestry?

by Jenny Lallier

What exactly is a Mandala Tapestry?

A Tapestry is a heavier, decorative textile created to be used as a wall hanging, or wherever your creative soul desires.  Mandalas can help relieve Tension & Anxiety, & can also stimulate Creative Thinking.

In many cultures, the mandala is often used as a symbol for meditation, protection, wholeness & healing. It can be seen as a cosmic diagram that reminds us of the world that extends both beyond & within our bodies & minds. In each dimension, this symbol appears in all aspects of life: the Celestial circles we call Earth, Sun and Moon, as well as our circles of friends, family & surroundings.

Each color & symbol within the mandala is believed to represent all aspects of life.

Tapestries are created to mesmerize the eye. They're incredibly stunning and pick up various colors in photographs that aren't always visible to the naked eye.

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Every Tapestry Girls Mandala Tapestry is designed to create good vibes & positive energy.