Kaleidoscope Tapestry - Tapestry Girls
Kaleidoscope Tapestry - Tapestry Girls

Kaleidoscope Tapestry

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Kaleidoscope Tapestry Description

The Kaleidoscope Tapestry is one of our most unique tapestries. This tapestry is a stylish, elegant tapestry that brings about the type of creative vibes and imagination that any room in your home could use. When you're looking for a rare, unique tapestry look no further. The Kaleidoscope Tapestry is just that.

  • The perfect tapestry for your college dorm room or apartment.
  • Use it as a bedspread, curtain, tablecloth, or wall hanging decoration.
  • Sizes: 50" x 60"
  • 100% Cotton
  • Handmade by professionals.

CARE GUIDE: Hand or machine wash under gentle cycle. Please use mild detergent with cold water.